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Winning with Live Casino

Due to the fact that there are live dealers in the live casino who will shake the cards and turn to the wheel, players soon have the feeling that the probability of loss and profit is not preprogrammed but is determined fairly. While it seems that the chance of winning is smaller when playing a software, this is a feeling rather than reality. The chance of winning will not be higher when playing against a live dealer in the live casino. In both cases, the outcome of the ball or the cards is random. The fact that live dealers today are often chosen over software also does not have much to do with profit. This has to do with a better and more personal gaming experience. This is due to the possibility of communication and the live image that will appear on your screen. Besides, winning with Live Casino is definitely possible! 

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This is how you win with Live Casino!


Benefits of Live Casino: reliability?

As already described above, the winning chances are by definition not higher in the live casino than in the online casino. It does not matter, however, that it will feel safer and more reliable for many people. This among others because they can see what is happening on the table and what actions the dealer does. Because cameras of different angles are directed to the game table, it is possible to follow any moves and action on the table. To really be sure of the reliability of a live casino, check for a quality mark.

Malta Gaming AuthorityPatterns

There are also players who fully believe that it matters whether you are playing a live dealer or software. In this case, this does not mean game experience and atmosphere. This is the fact that after a lot of games you could discover a particular pattern at a particular dealer. Although the chance of good predictions of the played cards or the will of the ball is very minimal, there are players who swear to this.

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Promotions of Live Casinos

Because playing in live casinos is still a growing market, you will regularly find attractive promotions

Sharp promotions at Casino’s

Mr. Green June

There are several casinos, including the Mr Green, which organise live lotteries for players as a special promotion. At the live casino tables you have the opportunity for additional prizes over a number of days. If you play a certain amount of time with a certain minimum bet on one of the live tables, you will receive a lottery ticket at the end. 

Holidays in the casino

Many casinos also use the holidays, including Halloween and Christmas. On these days there are additional prizes to be won while playing a live casino game. 

Bonuses Live Casino

If you come to an online casino and register, you will often be eligible for a welcome bonus. The advantage of this is that you can not only use it in the regular online casino. This bonus can also be taken when you will play at the live casino. Even when you return to the casino regularly, the odds of a bonus will be high. These bonuses provide fun play money! The odds of winning with Live Casino games are therefore also greater. 

Types of bonuses

Online live casinos are often very generous with their bonuses. In some cases, the first deposit amount is doubled, or even more than that. This gives you the chance to discover the live casino with free money and also have a chance on a profit. Not only a lot of money will await you. Also free spins while playing slot games are given to new players. No Deposit Bonuses are also a very attractive option. With this bonus you get a small free play credit, for which no deposit is required. 

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Rules of employment, strategies & systems

Playing in the online or live casino will of course be a matter of chance. Eventually, the likelihood of major losses will be greater than of profits. However, there are ways to make the game more fun, tense and generate profits. First of all, it is important that you know the rules and betting rules of the game. In addition, the basic strategies also are important. On our website we describe a lot of strategies and systems. These are very fun ways to play. In addition to this, they also contribute to strategic thinking and often to greater opportunities for winning. 


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