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Are you already registered and would you like to become VIP? Then the best way to achieve this is by contacting the casino of your choice. The label VIP Live Casino is something that is given you pretty fast in the online casino world. Although it sounds simple, of course, not everyone gets a VIP status. It is expected that you will play regularly and that you will deposit big amounts. Often we see that VIP players are people with affinity with playing in online casinos. VIP Live Casino players will generally be high rollers who like to play high bet tables and like the risk of different games.

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VIP Live Casino: the experience

Because there is also the possibility of playing VIPs in live casinos today, it becomes even more tempting to participate in the various games. The ability to communicate with the live dealer and fellow players, and the ambiance of the real casino make it even more enjoyable. If you’re a VIP, you’re obviously not VIP for nothing. You are a major casino customer. This often means that you belong to an exclusive club, or the ultimate elite. All of this because of course you will get high turnover and therefore will be adulated by the casino in question at all times. There are also special VIP games, accessible to all. Before you know, you wear the title VIP in Live Casino!

VIP at NetEnt Casino

Advantages and Extras VIP Program

A good example of the comfort you receive as a VIP member in the live casino is that there is the possibility of playing a live game at a table in the real casino. These are often secluded spaces in the casino, where there is also the chance that you are playing real companions who are currently visiting the casino. In addition to this possibility, it is often possible to ask a private dealer if desired. The dealer will then personally deal the cards or turn the wheel for you.

VIP bonuses

Special bonuses and promotional actions for VIP members in the live casino are also regularly arranged. These special bonuses are therefore not made for the average player in the online casino, but are aimed on the ultimate elite in the live casino. Bonuses can reach up to thousands of euros and make it even more attractive for high rollers and VIP members to visit the live casino world.

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VIP tickets

There are also online casinos that have added extras like event tickets and airline tickets among their VIP members. Not only do you provide additional services, for example, you can purchase gadgets at the VIP shop with certain VIP bonus points.

Salon Privé

VIP Live Casino Salon Prive

Salon Privé is one of the major providers of VIP live casino capabilities, and therefore offers exclusive offers and a special treatment for its guests. It is possible to use both higher levels, and to enjoy the real professionals in this field at the same time. The live dealers are carefully selected based on essential features and professionalism, and all for you as a VIP live casino member! This gives you as a VIP member the best game experience and the ability to endure in a professional gaming environment.

Game environment

At Salon Privé, you do not play in the studios where live dealers are massively behind their game tables, but you will actually play in the VIP room of a real casino of your choice. This way you have the opportunity to play in well-known casinos around the world from your own home together with real visitors of the casino in question. This creates a lifelike experience, which many live casinos can not match.


Several online casinos, including LeoVegas, offer their guests Salon Privé. Because Salon Privé connects to multiple casinos in different countries, it is possible for you to choose which casino you prefer most. Think of games with live dealers and fellow players in a private section at the Casino di Venezia, located in Italy.


If you want to play VIP in a live casino at high bet tables, chances are you can do that 24 hours depending on the live casino. If you decide to go live and play in a real casino for the lifetime experience of Salon Privé, you will depend on the opening hours of the casino in question. Also, a real casino knows more busy and less busy times, so you should also keep in mind when you decide to play in one of the casinos associated with Salon Privé. On the one hand, this makes for a certain limitation, but on the other hand it can also contribute to the still more realistic experience of live gambling.



Like high rollers, Vips has the ability to play tables with higher bet limits. Generally, a VIP member will make a high deposit faster, which is also the reason for the appointment to VIP. Although game tables generally have a minimum wager limit of as less as 50 cents, this is for special high roller and VIP tables more likely around 25 euros.

How do you become a VIP in a Live Casino?

Before you plan to deposit a large amount and place at the higher bet tables at one of the many live casinos, it is useful to contact the casino of your choice and discuss the possibilities. Often they will then assign you the status of VIP player. In addition, there is often a contact within the online casino for you. When the option is not offered, ask yourself or go for another live casino that offers this opportunity. This contact will help you both if you experience problems, inform you and qualify for the beautiful extras that the VIP World has to offer.

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