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1. General Terms

  1. This disclaimer uses these terms:
    • The owner: the owner of the website;
    • Use(s): all conceivable actions;
    • You: the user (visitor) of the website;
    • The content: all content contained in the website;
  2. The following applies to the website you are currently viewing. By using the page you agree to this disclaimer.
  3. The content has been compiled by the owner with the utmost care, but the owner accepts no liability for possible inaccuracies of the displayed or the consequences you create as a user.
  4. The owner is not responsible for content on the files and / or websites referred to by this website.
  5. Unauthorized or improper use of the content or parts thereof makes infringement of intellectual property rights and is prohibited.
  6. Permission to use the content or parts shown on publicly accessible sites must be submitted to us in writing and may only be authorized with written permission.

2. Participate in online gambling

2.1 Participating in gambling on the internet by you as a user is entirely your own responsibility. According to the UK Gambling Act, only licensed providers are allowed to offer gambling to you. As soon as you leave the website and thus get to a third environment, you must realize that you are on a foreign website and that potential actions and consequential consequences are in fact outside english law. Most gambling sites Uk and abroad are licensed in the UK, Malta or Curacao and local law is then applicable.

2.2 If you are a resident of the United Kingdom (UK) (Holder of the UK Nationality). Many people worry about the tax implications of that big winning bet, especially those for whom gambling is more than just a bit of fun, the lucky few who make a consistent profit from betting. When it comes to UK-based gamblers, there is no tax to pay on your winnings – even if you win a million pounds.

The position with tax has changed several times over the past 20 years or so but punters have been exempt from paying tax for a long time now, with the tax burden falling on the bookies and betting sites instead. Even professional gamblers, or those that use complex gambling systems to all-but guarantee a profit, are totally exempt from paying tax on their winning bets. All you need to do now is find some winners – and those profits are all yours!

2.3 Given that many of the promoters promoted at are not licensed in the UK, we can not assure you of the quality of oversight of honesty, addiction and other requirements that may apply in the UK. Therefore, as a user, always keep in mind whenever you are in third-party environments. These environments should, in our opinion, be provided with important certificates that ensure security and honesty, and to prevent addiction by indicating high-deposition warnings, playing too long after each time etc. is already trying to make a change but can not be held responsible for lack of information or inaccuracy of information.

3. Gambling Act



4. This website (

4.1 is a website that provides information on online casino offers, games and providers. We have a UK domain name and can be read in English (UK), we are not explicitly and certainly not exclusively English. It is our motto to inform all English, French, Germain or other language speaking people about gambling on the Internet and to inform them about the offer.

4.2 Links to other sites & ads: uses third party ads at to support our website. Some of these advertisers may use web technologies, such as cookies and web beacons on our site. You must be aware of this as a user.

4.3 contains links that let you leave and come to other party’s websites. has no control over third party websites that are linked. It may be that the use of these third-party websites is subject to a different privacy policy. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for (the functioning and / or content of) third party websites. We encourage you to consult the privacy policies and / or statements of other websites you visit.

4.4. is not responsible for information, data, programs you get from our site through third parties. The information you receive from third parties does not always represent our opinion.

4.5. Liability and damage. We are not liable for any direct or indirect damage that may arise from the use of the information provided herein. The content of this website can not be derived in any way or claims are made.

4.6. Information on website We can not guarantee that the information on our website is flawless, complete and / or exactly up-to-date. Therefore, you cannot derive rights from the information on this website. Neither shall we be liable for damage resulting from inaccuracies and / or dated information. Should you encounter information, data and / or programs that are copyrighted to you, please report this to the webmaster.

4.7 If you find information that is in your opinion not correct, complete or up to date, please contact the webmaster ( We appreciate your comments and / or any additions. With your contributions we can improve our website. In fact, we regularly allow content (in the form of comments, etc.) from users. is a platform for and by users.

5. Gambling Addiction

When informing about playing in an online casino there should also be a page where people are warned about the risks of playing in an online casino.

5.1 Responsible play with foreign gaming players

Responsible play is understood to be under control and that gaming does not adversely affect your functioning and your social existence.
Some known guidelines to prevent gambling addiction and to keep your game behaviour under control are:

  • Play with a budget that is proportional to your required expenses
  • Speak a limit to yourself what you want to spend up to a certain amount of time and keep it at all times
  • Play only with money you can miss, never borrow money to gamble and especially not when you are vulnerable (so when you’re playing)
  • Record exactly what you spend on gambling and count all expenses that are also related to gambling (lotteries, online casino, etc)
  • Never play when you are under the influence of drank, drugs, heavy medication or when you are mentally inadequate (stress, depression, fatigue)

5.2 Seek time assistance with (possible) gambling addiction

If you can not keep the arrangements you made with yourself. If you repeatedly cross your line and can’t resist the impulses, we advise you to contact an emergency agency immediately. Prevent regret and never postpone this decision.

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