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Super Sunny!

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You cannot get enough of sunny weather and already cheer up from the thought of sun, sea and beach? Than PlaySunny Live Casino surely is something for you! The appearance of the website invites you and gives you a positive boost before playing the extended live casino. Everything in the live casino environment will appear crystal clear on your screen because of the HD camera’s.

PlaySunny Live Casino: Background

PlaySunny Live Casino

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When PlaySunny Live Casino is loaded in your browser, you will immediately imagine yourself in an environment where you are overwhelmed by the feeling of holidays, summer and sand. The website radiates transparency and has a friendly character. The background shows a clear blue sea with a white sandy beach with shattered pieces of gold. With this appearance and the slogan “only the hottest games” PlaySunny differentiates from other online casino’s. On top of the home page there is a small but very remarkable banner. From different sides information and animations shoot by. The banner is more a kind of film than a simple commercial.


At first glance PlaySunny looks very user friendly. As soon as you enter the website it is clear what the welcome bonus is and through which link you can register. The flashy button indicates how you enter the registration page. On top of the page there is a choice menu which contains the links buttons to the loyalty program, tournaments, promotions and support. Under the banner you will find two menu’s containing the diverse offer of casino games. Under this menu you will also find animations and commercials for a few of these games, these are divided in new games, jackpot games and popular games. After glancing at this menu it will be clear that the header for the live casino is missing. Subsequently if you are looking for the live casino of PlaySunny, you will find out that user friendliness is slightly missing. it is hard to find the live casino and eventually the live casino games are included under the heading: popular games. Only when you click on one of these games you will end up on a page where you can see the total offer of games.

Live Casino Environment: Dealers, Tables, Options

PlaySunny-Live-Casino-1024x630If you log in with your existing account or if you are making a new account, the lay-out of the website will change slightly. When you then log in, you will find it even more difficult to find the live casino. Things like your play history are displayed on your personal homepage, but there is a lack of popular games at the moment, making the live casino to disappear from the homepage too. As you most likely won’t find the live casino, it’s handy to add playLive to the website address to be able to reach the correct web page. Once you are in the casino, you will imagine yourself in a dark environment, the background changes in black and looks more serious and clean that way.


However, the live casino itself is more organised and user friendly. At the top, one has the choice of pages with all games, with only Live Roulette games of only Live Blackjack games. When you choose to stay on the main page, you can tell the games by their different colours. All Live Blackjack games are shown in red, and all Live Roulette games are shown in black. However, these are the only games that can be played in PlaySunny Live Casino, so their offer is quite limited. But for each games there are several tables available, all tables have their own bet limits and different or the same dealers. Something remarkable is that in the live casino of PlaySunny many tables share the same live dealer. There are both male and female live dealers who speak sufficiently good English. And all games are in HD quality.

Live dealers

The live dealers are very friendly and they let you feel that they pay attention to you. When you sit down at their table, you will feel like you are in a quiet environment where you only see the live dealer and a gaming table. You will be placed in a different environment, depending on the game and the table where you have sat down. It can happen that you play Live Roulette in a very lavish environment. A programmed image give you the impression the live dealer stands in a kind of ballroom. I other cases you are in a separate room with a dark background. Even the cloths of the live dealers adopt to the background. In one case the female dealers wear a shiny golden dress with long sleeves, in another case the wear a black dress with short sleeves. The male dealers are by default dressed in a white shirt, black waist coat and black bow tie in al versions.

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Live Tables at PlaySunny Blackjack and Roulette

Live Roulette

In the overview of all live casino games, two different types Live Roulette are listed. The both games work the same and are filmed from identical perspectives, but the big differences are the clothing and the environment. You can see in the overview in which environment you will play during the game and thus base your choice on that. At Live Roulette one can play in the lavish ball room or in a room with a clean look, black pillows and dark wood details. In both cases the roulette table is displayed at the bottom of the screen in a bright green colour. The live dealer is at a little distance at the back behind the roulette wheel. An overview of your bets and balance can be found at the top left with a modest live chat window. At the right hand side you will find the statistics. You can also recall a mini lobby by using a button at the side of the screen, a pop-up lobby where you can choose another table.

Live Blackjack

The Live Blackjack environment also has a calm and professional look and feel. You are not in a busy casino with many talking live dealer in the background, but in a separate room with only your live dealer on screen and through your speakers. The table has a bright green colour and is displayed in classic dark tones. This way the table top is even more striking and will be clearly visible on your screen. Instead of the statistics, at the top right the last hands of the live dealer are displayed.

During all games, relaxed music is played in the background and a small clock will be displayed during the countdown.

Welcome Bonus, Promotions and VIP Program at PlaySunny Live Casino

Welcome bonus and Promotions

The PlaySunny offers a nice welcome bonus for her players of course. You will receive no less than 100% bonus on top of your first deposit. This can be as high as £250 You should watch the fact that there are always conditions to this. The bonus needs to be played around a few times for it to be paid out. In case these have not been played around enough and you should decide to withdraw money, then you will have a large chance your bonus will be lost. Next to the catching welcome bonus, PlaySunny also offers a lot more nice actions and promotions for her customers. For instance, they are offering tournaments during the holidays and prices can rise on a regular bases then. Or they make sure that on a certain day of the month there is a special action for this specific day, where you will receive a bonus should you end up on the number concerned.

PlaySunny Live Casino Loyalty Points


PlaySunny has a separate area for her VIP‘s. As a regular player you do not just get access to this. Should you click on the VIP Lounge option in the menu, you will, in case you do not have enough points, see that you have no access to and will be informed about your status. To receive access you will need a VIP-pass and this is not easy tot get. At the end of the month PlaySunny Live Casino looks at the number of times someone has played. Depending on that you will or will not be awarded a VIP-pas. VIP’s can use extra services like the VIP lounge, extra deposit bonuses and access to an own manager.

Play-quality, Software, Appearance of the Website PlaySunny Live Casino.

PlaySunny says it has a live casino with HD-quality at its disposal. It is to be expected that the picture quality is very high and there are no pixels visible. Moreover this is not the case when you select one of the games. This might be linked to the browser but the image is blurry the screen and pixels are clearly visible. The resolution seems to be rather low. When you enlarge your screen to full screen this will only deteriorate. Indeed, when you want to click on a certain box or number on the play board, you will have to hoover above this and then click otherwise the box of your choice will not be selected.  The sound quality is very high. All live dealers speak good and clear English and are therefore clearly audible. The music on the background is not distracting and makes sure other background noises are not audible. There is no significant background noise.

Other games offered by PlaySunny Live Casino

PlaySunny has a broad range of casino games The live casino is only a very small part of this. Most games can be categorised as videoslots. Besides slot games there are also table games, poker or scratch cards. There are also a few loose small games you can play at PlaySunny and there is the possibility to win the jackpot.

Customer Services PlaySunny


PlaySunny tries to maintain costumer satisfaction in a clear way. Both in the menu as well as in large on the pages a link to the support page can be found. Also, on the bottom of the screen a live chat possibility is clearly visible. This contains a picture of one of the female employees at the live casino. Unfortunately the Live chat does not work optimally. If you select to speak to one of the employees through live chat, you will have to wait for a while until someone is available. Subsequently it can happen that they ask to end the chat after answering your question or that the connection is so bad that they cannot receive your questions. Should you have urgent questions, then luckily there is always the possibility to mail PlaySunny.

Withdrawing cash

There is little information on the site about withdrawing money of your balance. The frequently asked questions page only states that cash withdrawals are only possible through your bank account. For this you will need identification. The minimum for withdrawing money is £20 provided that it does not contain bonuses. Processing this will take up to 24 hours and subsequently it will take 2-3 days before the money is added to your account.

Visit PlaySunny and win!

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Live Casino Software

PlaySunny on Mobile

You can reach the casino via a mobile addepted version. Both the casino games as well as the live casino are in this version. 

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