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Promise less, but live more! That’s the motto with which Bitstarz Live Casino wants to provide her players with the best online casino experience. That’s why the promotions and free spins rain down on you. They also place a big emphasis on speed: payment is settled within 10 minutes. Play at the live casino will be fun, as this can be done at FOUR different providers. If you do not like it, you just start playing in the other live casino!

BitStarz: General

The name says it all: this casino is a bit different. The name radiates that, but the casino website is also nice to the eye.

Bitstarz Live Casino Home page

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What can you tell me Bitstarz Casino in general?
How does the Live Casino of Bitstarz Casino look like?
What kind of Live Tables Bitstarz Casino offers?
What is Bitstarz Casino latest Welcome Bonus?
What kind of promotions Bitstarz Casino currently have?
What other games can I play at Bitstarz Casino?
What kind of live software does Bitstarz Casino have?
What other games can I play at Bitstarz Casino?
How good is the Customer Service of Bitstarz Casino?
Can I play Live Casino at Bitstarz Casino on my mobile?


On the one hand, this casino is all about simplicity, but it is certainly not scarce with necessary animations. If you enter this online casino, you will come to a website with dark tones. Incidentally, the banner on the homepage is in a striking way present. This is not disturbing. It brings atmosphere and excites you to play live with others at this casino. Even if you scroll down, you will be complemented by the simple characters of happy animations from different games. In addition, the layout of the website is so good that it does not obstruct the overview.


The modern website makes it very easy to reach any aspect of this online casino. Above you will find practical things like promotions, casino information and support. Under the big banner you can select a game item. This will then appear immediately below it, which allows you to play quickly. We will address this later, but the nice aspect of this casino is that you can pay with Bitcoin. This is the first online casino that offers it! On certain pages of the online casino you can find detailed information about Bitcoin’s benefits, and relevant explanations.

Live chat

The live chat is very easy and fast. Clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page gives you direct contact with an employee. Thus, no personal information is required to enable live chat communication. Next, the employee in question will assist you immediately. You can expect a very polite and professional service here.

Bitstarz Live Casino: Dealers, Tables and environment

Bitstarz Live CasinoWe’re always excited to rejoice with the news that an online casino has multiple live casinos. Especially when it is the two biggest providers in the field of live casino games. Both Evolution Gaming and NetEnt Live are offered here. In addition to these classics who compete for a top position, Bitstarz Live Casino also offers a new live casino. This live casino presenter is called Asia Gaming and asked us for a review for this new show. With Bitstarz Live Casino you have a huge choice of game types, number of games and different game variants. Definitely worth seeing what your favourite live casino provider is. Although with Evolution Gaming and NetEnt Live the focus is mainly on Live Roulette and Live Blackjack, you’ll find mostly Live Gaming at Asia Gaming. It’s nice that you can customize your profile picture in this live casino to give fellow players and live dealer an image of yourself. According to some, Asia Gaming is on top shortly. It’s best to open this casino in either FireFox or Explorer, but not in Chrome. As if these three providers did not offer enough variety, Bitstarz Live Casino also has Ezugi as live casino provider!

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Bitstarz Live Casino Environment

The environment is entirely dependent on the live casino provider. If you play Evolution Gaming, you usually find yourself in a pretty classic setting with green tables and wooden elements. This also differs by variant. If you go to NetEnt, you either play in a classic NetEnt environment with a dark background, or play a VIP variant in a virtual ballroom. At Asia Gaming, this is just something else. You play directly in an Asian-sensing environment with an Asian floor covering and Chinese characters on the game table. It just feels like something else. At Ezugi you are almost always in a red decorated environment.

Bitstarz Live Casino Live dealers

The live dealers also look something different compared to the various live casino providers. The clothing and style of the live dealers depends on the game variant among all live casino providers. In general, the live dealers are professional and neatly dressed. Also in the world of Asia Gaming, this looks just a little different. The live dealers speak English, but are all Asian. They have a very classical appearance, and are not completely lowbrow. Live dealer can come across that way sometimes. Some live dealers even dress up in cute outfits, making them to look like Asian princesses. Other female live dealers wear a fancy dress. The female live dealers at Ezugi are less professionally dressed and their English is less than ideal. By the way, they are well mannered. The male live dealers always look the same regarding clothing.

Play quality and Software of Bitstarz Live Casino

What makes Bitstarz Live Casino so good and exceptional is that they make three live casino providers available to you. They combine the qualities of the Western casino with that of the Asian. The Asian casino interface can look a bit like a mess, but the focus here is especially on Baccarat. Moreover, the sound quality of some game variants is somewhat limited. The live streams almost all play high image quality nowadays.


Bitstarz Live Casino: Roulette and Blackjack

As we mentioned above, Asia Gaming’s focus is mainly on Live Baccarat, while Western live casinos don’t focus on that.

Live Blackjack

Live Blackjack is abundant in the live casino of Evolution Gaming, as well as some options at NetEnt. Both the classic variant and the VIP variant occur in both live casinos. The big difference between the different variants is in the wager limits. There are limits for the low wager, but also for the high rollers. Live Blackjack can not be played in Asia Gaming’s live casino. Ezugi offers just some Live Blackjack at Bitstarz Live Casino.

Live Roulette

Live Roulette remains one of the most played games in the and live casino in the Western world. In all three live casinos you can play Live Roulette. The game will of course remain the same, yet the experience with each provider is different. If you play a VIP variant with Evolution Gaming or NetEnt, you will also enjoy another environment. At Asia Gaming there is only one variation of Live Roulette.

Bitcoins at Bistarz

It’s okay if you’ve never heard of it, but it’s worth taking time for learning about it. Let’s introduce in short the possibilities and use of Bitcoin. Further information can be found on the website. The Bitcoin is basically just a currency, just like the euro, but online. The nice thing about Bitcoin is that this currency is always the same in all countries. It’s a safe way to make transactions, and it protects your wallet. It works super fast, and you never have to wait for a long-term transfer. The payout time of this casino is therefore only 10 minutes. Read more benefits from Bitcoin happy BitStarz.

Welcome bonus and Promotions

Bitstarz puts great emphasis on the promotions. They do not like to promise much, but rather do it So you can expect a series of new promotions on a regular basis, but they don’t promise them, they just deliver! Not even all promotions can be found on the website, but you can expect them to appear spontaneously. So keep an eye on your email.

Bitstarz Promotions

Welcome bonus

As we said, the promotions play an important role in this online casino. We also see that as we look at the welcome bonus. The total amount of this bonus can be up to € 500. This is divided into four different deposit bonuses. You can also decide, instead of this amount, for a total of 5 Bitcoins. These are the bonuses in a row:

  1. A first deposit gives a 100% bonus to €100, or 1 Bitcoin
  2. A second deposit provides a bonus of 50% to € 50, or 1 Bitcoin
  3. A third deposit will provide a bonus of 50% to € 200, or 2 Bitcoins
  4. A fourth deposit gives a 100% bonus to €100, or 1 Bitcoin

Promotions and Actions

As we have already mentioned: keep your eyes and ears open, because the free spins and promotions can just drop from the sky. Under the headline of promotions you will find that there are also great bonuses every day. Free spins are also often offered, and often they also have a promotion linked to a theme. Keep track of your email and calls while watching. Before you know, BitStarz once again has a sharp action for you!

Other game offers Bitstarz

The game section of Bitstarz is something that they are sure to be proud of and can be. They indicate in the lobby what they like themselves to help you along. The online casino features slot games, jackpot games, and table games. All this beside the wide range of live offers.
Bitstarz Gaming Offer

Customer Services

In addition to the sublime live chat you can also email or call this casino. Calling is by request. Also have Social Media, and you can also reach the casino that way. Probably you can already find many questions on the FAQ page. They also help you quickly verify your account (within an hour), and the staff helps you through the process.

Bitstarz Live Casino on Mobile

BitStarz Casino has a modern looking, fully function mobile web app. The distinctive large letter, numbers and buttons make it one of the best mobile casinos for people who are not fond of smartphones and tablets, touch screens in general. The BitStarz mobile app is compatible with all popular devices that are Android and iOS based. It requires no downloads, it’s launched in your mobile web browser. If you have some of the recently released mobile devices at your disposal, rest assured you will have an uninterrupted access to your favorite games at BitStarz mobile casino.

BitStarz Casino is powered by several top tier casino game producers, which means the mobile casino game offer keeps growing and promises long play session without running out of new fresh content to play.

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