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Dragon Tiger Live

Dragon Tiger is an Asian Casino Game, and a derivative of Baccarat. It was first played in Cambodia and slowely found its way to Europe. More and more casino’s offer it and therefore we would like to give you an insight of how it works. Players love it because of the speed, the odds, and simplicity of the game. We wouldn’t dare to say that is ‘simple’, but different from baccarat, where the player or banker draws additional cards, with Dragon Tiger a single card is dealt to the Dragon Spot and then one to the Tiger Spot. No additional cards are drawn, and the player bets on the outcome of those cards instead of playing against the dealer. Before any cards are dealt the player can place bets, but this will be dependent on the game supplier providing them. 

Dragon Tiger Live

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So, One card to the Dragon. One card to the Tiger. All you need to do is pick the high card, or a tie. The value of the cards with Dragon Tiger? Ace is the lowest card, King the highest. Both the Dragon hand and Tiger hand win pays odds of even money. In the event of a Tie, the house takes a 50% commission on your bet, unless you bet Tie, in which case you get an 8:1 payout. This might feel a little harsh, taking 50% commission, but that is just how the cards are dealt. Dragon Tiger Live is played with several decks of cards (normally 8-10), which will most likely be shuffled half way through the shoe. Here the possible bets you can do:

  • Dragon or Tiger – which will have the higher card
  • A tie – whether the cards will be the same value
  • Dragon or Tiger Big – whether the card will be above 7 & If it’s a seven the player loses the bet.
  • Dragon or Tiger Small – whether the card will be below 7 & If it’s a seven the player loses the bet.
  • Dragon or Tiger Suit – Whether the card will be Heart / Diamond / Spade or Club. If the card is a seven the player loses the bet.

Bets / Payouts

Bet Type Payout
Dragon / Tiger 1:1
Tie 8:1
Dragon / Tiger Small 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Big 1:1
Dragon / Tiger Heart 3:1
Dragon / Tiger Diamond 3:1
Dragon / Tiger Spade 3:1
Dragon / Tiger Club 3:1


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