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Skrill is an online wallet that can be used to pay in a very secure way at online casinos or other websites. Virtually every online casino has the option to use Skrill to pay. It can be seen as a personal online account that you can put through iDeal, for example. If an online casino does not offer this, you usually have one of the alternative online wallets like Neteller and PayPal.

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How to Deposit with Skrill?

Skrill can be seen as an online bank account that is very well secured. You can leave money on your account and then use it for transactions to, among other things, online casinos. On the payment page, you will need to select Skrill to view a popup screen to enter the desired deposit amount. This screen allows you to sign in to your account and complete your transaction. After that, there will be cash on your account that can be used in other live casino games. It may take some time for the money to be transferred to your online wallet environment.

Paying out

Not only can you put money on your account using this card, it is also possible to pay the money on your account. If you want to do this, it’s a wise choice to choose Neteller or this option. The amount will be in your account quickly! In addition, this is also an anonymous way of paying out. An online casino will not have your bank details this way. This gives a lot of people a safer feeling.


  • Offered by almost all online casinos
  • Also possible to do payments
  • Within 24 hours the amount paid on your account
  • Extremely secure
  • Short transaction time
  • Fast cash from your bank account on your Skrill account!

Skrill Payment

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