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If you want to play for real money in the live casino, it’s important that you make a deposit on your account via trustworthy payment methods. Of course you want this deposit to be done in a good and reliable way and thats why we describe certain payment methods. If you want to pay money from your account then it is also important that this happens in a safe way and that you know when the money is in your account. The following overview lists the most commonly used payment methods.

What are the most common used payment methods?

payal payment methods
First of all, there is Paypal. Paypal was originally founded in the US, in part by the renown entrepreneur Elon Musk, who is now also behind Tesla and Space X. Intended to revolutionize the world of online payments, Paypal wanted to make a better method of sending and receiving money worldwide, to friends and foes. It succeeded, as Paypal is now the largest e-wallet and online payment method in the world. It became trusted when it was integrated in eBay, and after that grew to its top market position as world leader and acclaimed status.  Although paypal is not accepted at all online casino‘s, it certainly is a payment method that many casino’s have or will have on board.


Skrill is the successor (or last name bearer) of the company previously named Moneybookers. Although moneybookers used to be the lesser of the two e-wallets – the other, larger brother, being Neteller – Skrill is growing faster than ever and at some point will probably take over the reigning spot amongst the e-wallets. That is, at online gaming. By far not as big and trusted as Paypal, it does however compete with Neteller at being the most trusted, used and acclaimed money source for online gaming companies and clients alike. Many live casino, sports betting and poker players either have a skrill account or neteller account, or both.

visa mastercard payment methods

Visa and Mastercard
If you’re not fond of e-wallets and rather stick to the more traditional payment methods, then Visa and MasterCard is of course the most well-known company to go to for your money transfer needs. Almost every world citizen holds a visa or master card, and if you don’t, then your neighbor certainly does. This worldwide creditcard company is accepted at almost every pay station and the number 1 most know credit card label in the world. Many online casino’s offer it as well, making this one of the most trusted deposit and withdrawal methods out there. The only advantage? Perhaps the higher transaction costs. The big disadvantage? When something goes wrong, you can hold visa/master responsible!

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