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Live Roulette: Angelika System

Angelika System

Angelika Tepperwein was a German woman who invented a way in the 1960s to rationally and maximize the opportunity for profit. She then managed to apply the Angelika System on a large scale. Although it is well-controlled in land-based casinos and is virtually unauthorised, it is easy to play online or play live casino. You play during the Angelika System only in the red, black, even, odd, first 18 or last 18 areas. This way your change of winning is almost 50%. The system still shows a popular strategy for both online and live casino.

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Angelika System

The Angelika System applied

Before you enter, it is important to determine your starting bet and your betting unit, if you make this choice, will decrease or increase the bet with this unit depending on your profit or loss. In addition, you get into three single odds at the same time, making it possible to earn money in a faster way. Have you lost your entire series in one shot, then try your luck at another table. This keeps the game alternating and exciting. Here you use your doubled bet. In principle, this system is a variant on the d ‘Alembert System. If you use small amounts, you are likely to go home with more money. The advantage of using small amounts is that you can easily discover the system or strategy.


So when you play, you always determine what your start and bet will be. For example, if you start with an amount of 5 euros and one bet of 1 euro, you will win if you win the next round with 5 euros and if you lose 6 euros. You put your bets in a row on all three single units simultaneously. For example 5 euros on red, 5 euros on odd and 5 euros at 19-37. This way you keep playing depending on your winnings. If you make a profit then you will take a step back.


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