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Live Dealers

Live dealers, also called live croupiers, are the ones who share your cards while playing from home behind your laptop, desktop, or mobile devices. In addition, they are the who you can see turn the wheel during playing Live Roulette. The deployment of live dealers has arisen with the intention of approaching the ambiance and atmosphere of a real casino.

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The social aspect

During the game there is the possibility of communicating with both fellow players and the croupier. Often this happens through a live chat, where both cosy conversations and the possibility of asking questions about the game take place. Through the boxes on your computer or mobile devices you will hear what the live dealer says and you can talk back through the live chat. The live dealer will try to answer all the questions in te best possible friendly manner. The ability to communicate with both dealer and fellow players in an online casino provides an optimal interactive gaming experience.


By this way of communicating the live dealer it is also possible to provide tips on a non-binding basis, . If you provide a live dealer with a tip , it is very likely you will be called by your own name. This will only contribute to a more personal experience while playing.


Unlike online casino games, it’s the live dealer who pays your winnings or collects the money you have lost from your table while playing a live casino game. The idea of ​​playing software often makes the fairness of the game doubtful. For this reason, many people experience it as very positive that they can see exactly what happens during the live play. Consider what is on the table and how a certain outcome is created.

Live-Chat-Live-CasinoFeatures of Live Dealers

Most live casinos have a wide range of trained dealers. This mainly consists of attractive women and some handsome male. The offer ranges from European to Asian live dealers. All contribute to a fun atmosphere and ultimate gaming pleasure while playing in a Live Casino. As a player, you can choose the live dealer you are seated with. A big difference between playing in an online casino and live casino is that you will generally have less time to place bets before the live dealer will initiate the next round. Between the rounds there will be a clock that counts and keeps you informed of the remaining time until the live dealer stops the ability to bet.

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Clothing and Appearance

Logically, it is noteworthy that the live dealers are dressed in formal clothing. This does not differ from the situation in a real casino. The live dealers will always present themselves in a professional manner and guide the game with smooth techniques. Generally, there are two different types of live dealer styles, one of which is the typical Vegas style gaming and the other is based on different other countries and their styles.

Female live dealers.

In all cases, the female live dealers are dressed in a dress and have either stuck loose hair or hair neatly or stuck in a neat fashion. In all cases, the female live dealers are dressed in a dress and have either stuck loose hair or stuck in a neat fashion. It is remarkable that the female live dealers regularly have painted nails and perfectly applied makeup, which gives a formal, business impression, but also emphasises the femininity of these dealers.Female-Live-Dealer-Live-Casino

Male live dealers

The offer of male live dealers is relatively smaller than that of female live dealers. The male live dealers are usually dressed in a shirt on which they wear a often black waistcoat and bow-tie. The formal clothing and a cared hairdo give male dealers a professional impression and contribute to the optimal casino experience.


Main language

In most live casinos, the language of the game is English. Dutch live dealers are still a little scarcer at the moment. Only a few sites offer the opportunity to play with a Dutch live dealer. The question is whether you should like to do so, even if your speaking Dutch, as in general, Dutch live dealers are more low-brow and amateurish. The professionalism guaranteed by the English-language games is so not offered.

Camera positions

While playing in a live casino, you will come across different perspectives from which the live dealer will appear on your screen. The most used perspective is that from which you look at the play table with a slight angle. The camera is often positioned a little above the table, which makes it seem to be on opposite of the dealer, yet has a good view of the table, the bets and the live dealer. In some live casinos you prefer a perspective from which you look at the top of the table at a large angle, which makes the distance to the live dealer bigger and the entire game table is visible.

Live Dealers PerspectivesLocations of Live Dealers

The live dealers are massively positioned in large studios spread across different European and non-European locations. A major provider of live dealers is Evolution Gaming. They currently posses two major live casino production studios in Latvia and Malta where a global selection of live tables is located and put on camera. The live dealers are all side by side at the various casino tables. The varied range of live casino games can be used by different online casinos to be delivered to players on a certain site. Also in some southern European countries, the Philippines, Costa Rica and Canada, live dealers are offered in production studios.


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