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Extreme Live Gaming Live Blackjack

One of the games that connects players with excitement of a casino game is Live Blackjack. Extreme Live Gaming Live Blackjack is committed to connect players with brand experiences that are exciting, engaging and immersive, that ultimately provoke a real emotional response. It is one of the most classic casino game featuring multiple tables, each with tailored starting minimum requirements. With Extreme Live Gaming you get seven seats are available per table, with each player able to occupy multiple seats and an unlimited number of players that can bet behind. The tables offer an intimate ambience between the player and dealer through providing a private table feel.

Along with the in-game intimate atmosphere, players can now enjoy the thrill of our blackjack game with extra side bets such as Perfect Pairs or 21+3. 

Extreme Live Gaming Live Blackjack

Extreme Live Gaming Live Blackjack Options

Extreme Live Gaming Live Blackjack is played with an international 52-card deck without jokers. Casinos normally use several decks mixed together (called a shoe), both in order to speed up the game (with more cards in play you don’t have to reshuffle after every single hand) and to make card counting more difficult (card counting is a technique used to gain an advantage over the casino by keeping track of the proportions of different value cards remaining in play). They have a decent list of partners they work with

The number of decks differs from casino to casino, but there can be anything from two to eight decks in the shoe. The re-shuffling frequency also differs from casino to casino, and of course depends on the number of decks used. Frequent re-shuffling is another way to diminish the value of card counting.In casinos, blackjack is played on a specially designed table. There is a permanent dealer employed by the casino, and room for up to eight simultaneous players, playing against the dealer. Each player has a designated playing area in front of him where cards are placed and bets are made. The betting limits should be clearly posted on a sign on the blackjack table. Normally, some of the most important rules, such as “Blackjack pays 3 to 2” and “Dealer must draw on 16 and stand on all 17’s” are printed on the table. This is nog different with the Extreme Live Gaming Live Blackjack. 

Perfect Pairs and 21+3 Side Bets add extra interest and betting opportunities – with each player given the chance to turn on these exciting extra betting spots as they enter the table. A player betting on a Perfect Pair can win increasing additional payouts if the first two cards they are dealt make up a Mixed, Coloured or Perfect Pair. An extra wager on a 21+3 side bet gives the player the chance to win on a whole range of Poker-style card combinations made up of their first two dealt cards and the one open card in the dealer’s hand.

Extreme Live Gaming Live Blackjack Casino Euro

Blackjack Extreme: deposit anything up to £200 and they double it

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Live Blackjack
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