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Live Casino Laptop and Desktop

Playing in online casinos has been a growing for years, we still see a progressive line in the popularity of online casinos. The current live casino on laptop and desktop certainly makes a big contribution to this. Time progresses, the Internet evolves and the customer demands more of his online casino. Playing an online casino game, usually only shows an animation of a gaming machine or table that you can play. Obviously, there are many people who do not like this as much as playing in a real casino. Often the social aspect of the real casino is lacking.

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The Live Casino

The live casino is currently included in the online casino range. This gives you the opportunity to play against live dealers who will be visible on your computer screen via webcams from different angles. During the game, live casino on a laptop and desktop will feel like a real gaming table with a live dealer.

The convenience and fun

Through live connection with the online casino of your choice, you can enjoy live dealers on your screen. The dealers will deal the cards for you, operate the roulette wheel and answer your questions. In the live casino you can play with real money just like in the online casino. But then with the feeling that you are actually in a real casino. So you do not need to leave your home today to experience the atmosphere and social aspect of the casino while playing one of the many games.

HD quality Live Casino on Laptop and Desktop

On your laptop or desktop, the HD camera images will be displayed realistically. Both the operations and the game table will be clearly visible. This will ensure a safer feeling than when you will play against a computer system. Live casinos often also offer the opportunity to chat with either the dealers or your fellow players and the dealers. In this way, interaction is possible and you can communicate in a cosy way or informative way while playing.

Live Table Live Casino

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Benefits of Live Casino Laptop and Desktop

  • Generally, it is claimed that developing the live casino capabilities enhances your trust as a customer. The fact that you are no longer playing a computer, but against a live dealer while you can accurately observe the actions gives you the feeling that honesty is guaranteed. Due to the fact that different cameras are focused on the game surface, it is possible to see the game from different angles and follow all actions closely.


  • Honesty is being optimised and the atmosphere of individual casinos is maintained, which makes it unnecessary to go outdoors to go into the casino. The live casino offers the ability to “enter” any casino anywhere and enjoy the presence of a live dealer and the wide range of games. In addition, you do not pay an entrance fee, you can provide yourself with your own snacks and drinks and you can completely decide what you are wearing at the moment.


  • Compared with mobile devices, the big advantage of playing in live casinos on your laptop or desktop is that the screen is relatively large, which makes the quality of the live image generally better and the game will be easier to follow. . Due to the size of the screen, you will also be more likely to get into the game and therefore the game experience is more real than when you participate in a small mobile phone. 


  • In addition, the development of online live casinos for your computer is already developed for a longer time compared to its mobile variant. For the development of live casinos for desktop or laptop Flash can be used, while mobile devices require a whole new type of software. Among other things, for this reason, you will see that the offer of live games on an online casino website on your computer is many times bigger than on a mobile site. It is even now possible to choose the gender, language and nationality of the live dealers. Due to the wide choice, it is possible to create your ideal atmosphere from home and do what you would do in the real casino.

Live Casino Laptop and Desktop

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Multiscreen Live Casino on laptop and desktop

What’s better now than playing different games at the same time ?! Are you an advanced gambler and are you looking forward to new challenges? Or can’t you simply not choose from the wide range of games? On many online casino websites you also have the option of a multiscreen option. This means you can divide your screen to a maximum of approximately 4 screens, allowing you to participate in different games at once. Royal Panda Live Casino is one of the largest providers of games with multiscreen option. At the same time playing Live Blackjack and Live Roulette is no problem here.

Live Casino Laptop and Desktop


Since almost all online casinos today offer the opportunity to play live games, the offer is very large and very varied. Each casino has its own live dealers with different nationalities and languages. Also the number of games you can play is a lot bigger than is possible on your mobile devices. Generally, Live Blackjack, Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Texas Hold’em are offered everywhere and also prove to be the most popular. Big, well-known and trusted online casinos that have definitely included these games in their offer include, Betsson Casino, and EuroGrand Casino.

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