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Live Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is an online variant at the well-known Texas Hold’em Poker. Live Casino Hold’em is a game variant that is offered less often than games like Live Roulette and Live Blackjack. The choice is often limited to 1 or 2 different game tables. The big difference with online Casino Hold’em is that you will always play a live dealer in the live casino instead of a software. That way, it’s possible to play from your own familiar environment. And yet experience the same atmosphere as in the real casino online.

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Live Casino Hold’em: Play experience

If you are interested in playing Live Casino Hold’em, you will be familiar with this game at the casino on land. If you decide to really play live then you will find that the difference with a real casino is minimal. Because you play real live dealers, even when you play home, you feel like you’re in the real casino. Even if you encounter problems, it is possible to communicate with the live dealer through a live chat. The live dealer will obviously answer these questions. So it’s great that you end up in a cosy conversation with the live dealer.

Live Casino Hold'emThe Casino Hold’em will often be filmed from one perspective. This happens in such a way that you can follow everything that the live dealer performs as well as when you really would be at this table. An experience like in the actual casino, but in your own familiar habitat, with a bite and a drink, and no entry!

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Rules and Strategy

Live Casino Hold’em is played in a live casino with a single card deck of 52 cards, of course without jokers. If you start playing Live Casino Hold’em you must first set an Ante. An Ante is the mandatory bet that all players have to pay for each hand. You also have the option of using a bonus amount on top of this. Next, the live dealer will turn up two cards for you (“Face value”) on the table. The live dealer will also place two cards face down, so closed on the table. Then the first three cards will be opened and placed in the centre of the game table. You then have the choice to choose a “Call” or for a “Fold”. If you choose a call then your bet will automatically double and the game will continue.When you Fold, this means losing your Ante and any bonus bet and the corresponding game round for you. Choose a ‘call’ and the next two cards will be opened. The dealer will then open his or her cards to see which of you have the best combination.


Of course, as with all other live casino games, there is of course a home benefit when playing Live Casino Hold’em. The most important and also the basic strategy is to decide whether or not to continue on the basis of the five cards (two of you as a player and the flop) on the table. Of course, you must take into account the strength of your cards. It is also important what might happen when the following cards are turned. In addition, it is smart to think about the dealer’s hand. Even the basic strategy for Live Casino Hold’em is therefore quite complex.

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A number of standard rules can be observed. Consider the following: Always choose a call with a pair or higher, do this also if you have a highest card King or Ace. Also, if you only need a card for a flush or a straight; Call. If all of this is not the case and you have low cards then choose to fold. Of course, there are more of this kind of standard logical step during play. Take this to play well for you and make sure you know and understand all possible combinations of Poker.

Live Dealers

Unlike Texas Hold’em, you only play at Casino Hold’em Poker using the live dealer. You have to defeat the hand of the live dealer instead of those of opponents. A big difference is that when you play against other players they will of course use a particular strategy. This is certainly not the case with a live dealer. The choice of different live dealers is often limited for Live Casino Hold’em. Many providers only choose from one or two different tables. The default procedure will be that the live dealer greets you, often by name, and wishes for the next round of success.

Live Casino Hold'emBonuses

Online casinos are known for their fantastic promotions and several, rising bonuses. The casinos try to jump out of this way to convince you to register at their casino. Thus, you can determine your own benefit. Welcome bonuses are the most common form of promotion of the casino. For this reason, it is very attractive for starters to register at such a casino. There are also special live bonuses and promotions available.

Suppliers of Live Casino Hold’em

Although Live Casino Hold’em in the real casino is also a popular game of chance, it is not yet included in all live casinos and the number of game variations is also limited. The live casino offered by NetEnt has only included Live Roulette and Live Blackjack in the offer, but with providers like Evolution Gaming and Microgaming, playing Live Casino Hold’em is already possible. Some online casinos that use these live casinos and have included Live Casino Hold’em in their offer include SuperLenny, Casino Room, and 777 Casino.

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