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Live Casino High Limits and High Rollers

A term commonly found in both the real casino and the online (live) casino is “high rollers”. High roller refers to a player who regularly plays with high bets and thus has the greater risk of the game. These are generally the players pampered by the casino and know more privileges. For high rollers there are separate play tables. Here, higher bet limits apply than to the other tables in the live casino. As a high roller, you will feel at home quickly in the live casino. Here the wager limits are often higher than the online variant of the game.

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Opportunities in the live casino

Especially in European online casinos the possible bets are high. In America this will generally be a lot lower. In some cases, online casinos will even give you the opportunity to play at a table in a real casino. These tables with live dealer are in secluded spaces in the casino, and through webcams it is possible to take on such a table as a high roller online.

Preferences High Rollers

Looking at the playing pattern of high rollers shows that one of the most popular games among these risk seekers is Baccarat. Not only does this game depend on chance, the advantage for the casino is the lowest of all casino games. It is sometimes hard to find special high roller tables, so it is advisable to always contact the desired casino at any time.Ritch-Guy-Live-Casino

Betting limits

It is different for each game and per casino, which the limits of bets are/ The maximum of live roulette can sometimes be around £50,000, and at Blackjack it is sometimes possible to bet for approx. £5,000 per hand. Playing live Baccarat is also possible with high seating tables, so you should think of amounts up to £2,000. Contrary to the minimum of £0.50 to £1.00 for regular tables, the minimum of bet on the high roller tables is around £25.


It seems to be self-evident, but because of the chance of greater profits, it may also be forgotten to some people: playing with larger amounts is associated with greater risks. Of course, the odds of higher profits are also greater if you bet with higher amounts, but at the same time, in the case of losing the damage will be many times bigger. Playing as a high roller is therefore not something everyone can do. Therefore, before taking a high bet table, it is important to check whether your budget allows this to outweigh the risks of the game against the big losses that you may be faced with.



Like starting players, you have the right to welcome bonuses as a starting high roller. If you first play a high roller in, for example, a special high roller casino, you can get hundreds or thousands of euros extra by, for example, doubling your first deposit by the casino. The best-known and most popular bonus on tables with high bet limits is nevertheless the High roller bonus. This bonus is also called VIP bonus on many casino sites. By employing higher amounts, this will also bring greater benefits. A high roller bonus can ensure that you get extra money with each deposit, so you can use even bigger amounts to play while playing. As expected, this bonus is higher for larger deposits. It’s usual that bonuses in the high roller environment sometimes increase to percentages from 50 to 100 percent of the deposit amount.

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Bonus Terms

Although such a bonus sounds very appealing, and it can actually be that way, it is important to look closely at the bonus conditions. Each live casino has its own terms and conditions and payout systems. For example, there will be casinos that require you to play 40 times before the bonus will be paid out. Also, there may be a time limit associated with the use of the bonus. So take a close look and do not be deceived.

Exclusive Service

Not only are there special bonuses for high rollers in the live casino, as well as exclusive high roller services. As a high roller, you are quickly named by casino as a casino VIP player. Should you now be interested in depositing and playing larger amounts, it is a good idea to contact the casino about the possibilities for high rollers. The advantage of this is that you will immediately win the VIP status and you will be assigned your own contact person in the particular casino.VIP-Live-Casino

Private table

In the real casino you will often enjoy free snacks and drinks and complete care by the casino player as a high roller. Online is now also possible to play on a private table. This means you will play at a table where a private live dealer will only be busy with the deal for you. So there will be no participation players. As a high roller, this can give a nice and safe feeling.


Before you decide to deposit high amounts on your player account, it is important to be sure of the security of the casino of your choice. It is important to be sure of the payout systems and their speed so you will not be surprised. Often casinos will use a certain payout limit. This means that you must have a certain amount on your account in order to be able to be paid out. In the case of high rollers the limits are soon a lot higher, and there is also the possibility for the casino to increase it regularly.


One of the bigger names among European gambling providers is among others Mr. Green Casino. Not only has Mr. Green a very large and varied range of gambling and opportunities, they also have special high roller tables where you can bet up to £100,000. Good to know that Mr. Green also has a high security guarantee. For example, when you want to pay by credit card, you must send a photo of your credit card as proof. As a high roller, it is also interesting to take a look at Salon Privé at LeoVegas Live Casino, or in the 888 Casino live casino. In both cases, you will be invited to join the High roller / VIP club and will be provided with your own account manager.

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