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Live Casino Betting Rules

Live Casino Betting Rules


While playing in a live casino, you can choose from a wide range of betting options. It is useful to understand the basic betting rules of your game of choice. Each game has its own betting rules. Some are guided by specific strategies. Namely, everything will depend on the bet before the game. After playing the cards or turning the wheel you will not be able to exert more influence on your bet. With live roulette, you have the ability to use single odds as well as areas on the game table.

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How to start wagers?

The same rules that apply to the casino also apply while playing live games in the online casino. In order to bet and play, it is necessary to add money to your account before you join any of the many tables. There are several options to add money to your account. To deposit can be done via iDeal, but also through different credit and debit cards and sites like Skrill. After your deposit is done, it is possible to participate in your favourite gambling game.Betting-Live-Casino


Often the chips will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. In the case of both Live Roulette, Live Blackjack and Live Baccarat, click on the chip(s) of your desired value and place it in an area or subject of your choice. For most games, the lower the winning chance, the higher the payout will be. Unlike in the real casino, it is possible to use multiple colour charts to play a certain amount of money during the live game. So not necessarily ‘Betting Rules’. Each colour will represent the value of the appropriate chip. Also on each chip will the amount in question be stated, so that you always know what amount of money you are spending. Often at the right hand side of of the middle of the screen, the minimum bet and the maximum bet on the table is shown.

Playing RouletteTime limit

After you have chosen to participate in one of the many games, the game and the associated camera image will appear on your screen. The dealer will welcome you as soon as possible. If you want to bet, you must logically have your own play money. The dealer will ask you to place your bet. Often a clock appears at the bottom of the screen with a time limit displayed and counting. Sometimes a time bar is displayed below on which you can follow the remaining time. An important rule is that bets should always be placed within a certain time limit. Thus, the live dealer and the players do not have to wait unnecessarily long for each other. For live blackjack and live poker, this time limit can be around 15 seconds.

Minimum Bet Limit Live Casino

Other rules of commitment have to do with the wager limits. Most live casino visitors, especially beginners, will play a small bet during one of the live casino games. Often there is the possibility to use from  £0.50 or £1.00. In this way, online casinos make it possible for everyone to participate in any of the games. So if you have a limited budget, but want to try a live casino game or get the chance to triple your bet, then that’s possible with a wide range of live casino games.NetEnt-Live-Casino Betting Rules

Maximum Bet Limit Live Casino

However, if you are an advanced player, looking for risk in the game or just gambling with higher amounts then there is also the possibility of playing live casino games at high roller tables. Other casinos like Unibet offer live games that can be played to high limits on live gaming tables. The maximum betting options also vary by game. Often the maximum bet is around £50,000 euro. At these high table tables or VIP tables, it is normal to use a few thousand euros per round.

It is important to always play at a bet level that is comfortable for you, and not to be tempted by over-betting or high limit tables if your budget does not allow it.

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