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Blackjack is one of the world’s most popular games in casinos. The simplicity and tension of the game will undoubtedly contribute. In most cases, Live Blackjack is considered one of the regular games at online casinos. Online casinos already offer Blackjack for a long time and therefore have many years of experience in meeting the requirements and expectations of the players: yours! For several years, playing Blackjack is not only possible with software or in a real casino, but also the option of participating in Live Blackjack is added. Here you can see which cards are shared and drawn from your own home. To experience Live Blackjack free of charge, there are even websites that give you the opportunity to try it out once!

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What is Live Blackjack? Enjoy the real Player Experience

A live casino ensures that you can experience the full blackjack experience online from home, on the go, or on vacation. The production studios have built facilities that make it possible for you to see what is happening in the “casino” and at the game table. After placing your bet you will see live how the cards will be drawn from the deck. You will actually get tickles in your stomach when the live dealer puts a new card for you on the table. The fact that players play online and that you have access to the other players’ cards gives an extra dimension to the game.

Live Blackjack gamesHow does live blackjack differ from brick and mortar blackjack?

Just like in the casino there are also online high and low bet tables where you can play Live Blackjack. Players with a smaller budget can therefore choose a table where low bets are possible. There are also high limit tables for the big gamblers. A big advantage is that you can participate in a Blackjack game in a few seconds and after you have decided can actually start playing. Often,by registering online you will also receive a big welcome bonus. In addition, you do not have to dress well and do not have to pay an entrance fee!

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Live Blackjack dealersBlackjack Game Rules and Strategy

Both the play-mode and the game rules will be the same as they are in a real or online casino. For this reason it is just so easy if you decide you do not want to leave home to play Blackjack. The goal of the game is to get 21 points with the obtained cards or to get as close as possible. If you get above the 21, you’ll be out. The colour of the cards is not important. It only looks at the value of the cards in points.

Blackjack strategies

Many advanced players follow a certain strategy while playing Blackjack. It may be that you generally take a little less risk. Alternatively, you can be a risk seeker by nature and, in general, seek some more risk during the game. Of course, the strategy also depends strongly on your hand and those of the dealer. The question is whether your profit now depends on chance or that it will also be helpful. A strategy based on probability and in principle can always be applied is to keep probability calculations. This needs the necessary thinking, but will gradually become more logical thinking. Some examples of this strategy are: at 8 points, you can always ask for another card. If you have more than 17 points, it is always useful to stop. Couples can always be best divided, unless it’s two ten’s. Clear tables with these strategies can be found online.

Live Blackjack strategies

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Live Blackjack Dealers

While playing Live Blackjack, you have the free choice which live dealer you want to join. Or in whose “presence” you wish to play Blackjack. Not only do most sites have a wide range of available dealers, Live Blackjack also offers you the chance to communicate with the live dealer through an online chat. Through online chat both informative questions and messages for entertainment can ben sent. The live dealer will wish you good luck in a friendly way before each round and turn the cards after you have put your bet on the table. Then the dealer will share the cards and ask you if you want another card or not.

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Live Blackjack Bonuses

Live casinos are known for their fantastic promotions and several, rising bonuses. This way the casinos try to compete with other sites to attract you to their site. This offers you the opportunity to view the various offers on these sites, and to determine your own advantage! As mentioned before, there is a welcome bonus attached to the first deposit you will make. This may mean that you double the amount of money you have paid, you get free play money, or even more!

Live Blackjack Providers

As Blackjack has become one of the most popular and thus most played online casino games, you can assume that Blackjack can be found on almost any online casino website. The sites that also offer live games will definitely offer the opportunity to play Live Blackjack. Some major providers of Live Blackjack include 888 Casino and Mr. Green. Of course, these sites have also selected the best offer of bonuses for you.

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