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Live Blackjack and Live Roulette: Parlay System

Parlay System

If you want to take some more risk in the game, maybe you want to use the Parlay System. Of course, you never have a guarantee of profit, but a Live Roulette or Live Blackjack strategy could of course increase your chances of winning. The two things that you first define for playing the game are a start bet and a profit. By keeping a profit as a goal, you can basically freely determine your bet. In the case of Live Roulette, you can use odds as well as single numbers or series on this system. A big advantage of this system is that you have set your own goal, and start the game so much more disciplined that way. If you want to receive a big profit in a short period of time, this is also a suitable strategy to apply.

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Apply the Parlay System

The Parlay System always sets the profit target in advance, as long as it is not achieved, you will continue this strategy. Keep this amount in mind during the game, and you will continue for as long as your winnings have not been achieved. At Parlay, if there is a win, you will pay the old bet amount plus the win over the next round. You follow this rule you until you make a loss. If that is the case, you will revert to your original commitment and rebuild it. The risk is that if you do not achieve your profit target you will lose your initial profit at any loss.


Imagine an amount of £100 and set yourself up to a £100 goal profit target, then set a minimum 5 euro bet. If you make a profit, you will bet the next round £10 and the round thereafter £0. Eventually you will have to apply this 5 times in case of profit to achieve your profit target. If you lose a round then your next bet will be £10. The chance of winning five times is especially minimal for Live Blackjack.

Tips for Parlay

As you fit when you’ve achieved your profit goal, it’s important to set a realistic goal. That is, a goal that will not be too far from your start. Try to bet on other numbers, serious or betting odds next to odd / even and black / red. This is the unique of the Parlay System, and therefore definitely worth trying. Also, it may be a good idea to pay a loss amount to yourself, in addition to a fixed amount of commitment and a profit. This then serves as your lower limit, and ensures that you will not play over your budget. This prevents the Parlay System from becoming an expensive project.

Parlay System

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