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Live Blackjack Basic Strategies

Live Blackjack Basic Strategies

Blackjack strategies have now been thought out that there are large tables and overviews available these days. You look at the value of your own cards and those of the live dealer. By observing the combination of both, you will know by means of such a table what is the best move. Always take into account any losses. Indeed, all Blackjack strategies require discipline. We would like to explain the Live Blackjack Basic Strategies to you below.

Live Blackjack Basic StrategiesBasic Strategies

You can always choose to double your bet. The only condition is that you will pass almost immediately next round. This usually happens when a player has 10 or 11.

If you have a hand with a low value, it’s a logical step to request a card. For all hands with a value below 8, it’s important that you ask for a hit as a player.

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A pass means for you that no extra card will be dealt for you. You should always do this when you have a hand with two 10s Even if you have a hand value of 17 or an 8 and ace, it’s a good option to choose a pass.

If you have a hand with two identical values, it is possible to split it and proceed with two different hands. In the case of two fives or tens, it is always advisable to split it, but if you have two 8s or an ace then splitting is generally recommended.

Also, a Hard Hand or a Soft Hand is often mentioned. There is a soft hand when you have a hand with an ace. This can be used as 1 or as an 11. In this case, it is often recommended that you stop at a value of 18. A hard hand is therefore the name for a hand without ace. If the dealer has a bad card, you can already pass at a value of 12. You can choose to keep the strategy table ready and develop skills in playing Live Blackjack. We hope that with these Live Blackjack Base Strategies you can take a step in the right direction!

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