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Live Bingo

Live Bingo is new and trendy! Who had ever thought that this game would be transformed into a live variant? It is now even possible to play Live Bingo on some specialised UK market websites. Moreover, many online casino websites do not offer this. There is also a chance of offering a live variant on Bingo called Keno. Although Bingo has only been played with software so far, live hosts are now also available. They will receive you warmly and provide an extra game experience.

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What is Live Bingo?

During live play, the live dealers will be visible through a webcam screen. You can also choose to go for the additional interactive form and connect your webcam. This way you will not only be able to chat live with your fellow players, but you can also see each other through the webcam. This live version of Bingo is also called Bingocam. As you can expect, this can be found on Bingocams.

Live Bingo GamesLive Bingo: Play experience

If you’ve always been a big bingo fan, Live Bingo is the ideal way to play for you! Among other things, this is possible by the friendly hosts who speak you through a webcam connection and guide the game a little. Although you still buy your cards through the software and the bingo bubbles will also be randomized by a software, the atmosphere will be continuously enhanced by the ability to live chat and the webcam connection. A big difference with other live casino games is that you will be especially in touch with other players while playing Live Bingo. Through the webcam and live chat connection it is possible to experience a fun time with fellow players.

Explanation: Basis Live Bingo

Rules and Strategy

If you decide to play Live Bingo, you can choose the amount of money you buy a card, whether you want to buy a bonus card and whether you choose to play for a single row or for the entire bingo card. When the game starts, a number of different balls will fall, and the numbered numbers will be automatically marked / marked on your card. When all numbers have fallen from either the entire time or the full card you will receive a prize. It is important that you are the first to complete this ride or complete the full card.


Unlike games like Live Blackjack and Live Roulette, you do not have to make any choices when playing Live Bingo. Besides, you will not have any influence on the balls that will fall. Applying a particular strategy is of course only possible when you really have to make choices. We must therefore not overlook the fact that there is a certain process of choice if you decide to play Live Bingo. Namely, when you have to buy a card, you make a choice. Increasing your chances of winning will of course be easy by purchasing multiple cards and thus having an advantage to your fellow players. This also depends on the amount of players you play with.

Live Dealers

Being received by a live host when opening a Live Bingo game is no longer impossible. From now on, you can play in the live bingo variant, make friends while playing and use chat and webcam communication capabilities. Via BingoCams it is now also possible to play a Dutch-based Live Bingo variant and thus play in Dutch with Dutch fellow players and Dutch host, in case you want to try something different. This not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy a better atmosphere, but also to meet new people with the same interest from another country.

Live Bingo at BingocamsBonuses

The biggest live bingo provider at the moment is BingoCams. BingoCams has a number of wonderful bonuses for you in store for the new Bingo variants. If you register you will receive 5 pound free play money to try out, for example, Live Bingo. If you decide to register, you will receive another 200% welcome bonus on top of your deposit amount. If you deposit 100 punds, then you will receive another 200 pounds extra.

Live Bingo Bingo BreakLive Bingo Providers

Live Bingo games are expanding slowly and online casinos are now participating in conquering this market. A website that now offers Bingo is Bingocams. At Bingocams it is possible to participate in different live game variants and different hosts.

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by Johana on Play Live Bingo

I also like to play Bingo at BGO. How come you are promoting bingocams that often?

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