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Hi-Lo Online Live Casino Game


Perhaps you have played it with friends at home or asked for a pack of cards in a bar and tried it, but out of all the games we have reviewed so far, this might be the most straight forward one yet. Hi-Lo or ‘High-Low’ is as simple as one might guess. The rules: it will be played with a full deck of 52 cards, minus the jokers and is always the player plays against the dealer. The player  makes his wager, and the dealer is asked to deal. After receiving a card, the player has to say if the following card will be higher or lower in value. If your prediction is right, the player wins. 

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When playing with friends, the wager might be a bit different then when playing in an Online Casino. Mostly because ‘wagering an amount of shots or beers’ usually does not cut it for an online casino. After the cards are down, the player places his initial bet. The house matches that bet into the pot. When the player guesses, he wins or loses the pot depending on the outcome of his guess. The payout depends on the value of the card which is lying on the table, the A tie pays even money. After that round, the player can pass the bet to another player, or go double or nothing on the next bet. Kings and Aces are not accepted as first card because they respectively represent the highest and lowest values in the game. 


But with the casino’s it is also possible to bet on more than just the next card, for instance the colour of the card (red / black) or a group of card possibilities (2, 3, 4 or 5 / J, Q, K or A). Additional bet possibilities and payouts for Hi-Lo are listed below.

Additional payouts Hi-Lo

We have found some stakes at live casino explanations, not entirely sure if this is the same for every casino, but it is a good directive:

  • Ace: 11.56 x bet
  • Ace or King: 5.78 x bet
  • Black: 1.92 x bet
  • Red: 1.92 x bet
  • 2, 3, 4 or 5: 2.89 x bet
  • 6, 7, 8 or 9: 2.89 x bet
  • J, Q, K or A: 2.89 x bet

Don’t get too excited about guessing the correct cards. One might guess several times and forget that in order to actually win the cash you have to click the ”collect” button. If not, you keep playing with the amount won, which most likely has doubled each round and if you lose, you lose it all. So do not forgot to cash it in!

Playing Tips

With such a game it seems difficult to actually have a ‘strategy’. But so far we at have figured out there are two ways to play it. 

  • High Risk Taking – keep your winnings on the table and double each round, depening on the card on the table you aim to take the higher risk and big(gest) payout. This is always striving to hit the big payouts.

  • Low Risk Taking – take your winnings and guess the ‘safe side’, so when a King hits the table, guess low and so on. Also keep and eye on how much you bet per round. This will allow you to play for several hours and not lose (but also not win) a lot.

Our verdict: it is a fun and simple game, you do not need a lot of knowledge about odds and percentages, but if you do, it could help a little. Live Hi-Lo or High-Low in an online casino does make it more fun than just using a computerized setup. Furthermore you can make it as exciting as you want when placing higher bets on lower odds, the payout then can be very lucrative.


What will it be, higher or lower? Try it now!

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by Brian on Hi-Lo

I just love to play Hi-Lo all day! Not always with real money otherwise I would be rich or broke.

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