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Top Live Casinos UK

Pos. Review Bonus Visit Rating T&C’s Apply
1. the-grand-ivy-logo-90x £1,500 5 star rating grand ivy casino T&C’s
2. £1,500 5 star rating LeoVegas  Live Casino T&C’s
3. £100 5 star rating William Hill Live Casino T&C’s
4. £1,000 4 star rating RedBet Live Casino T&C’s
5. £5 golden chips 4 star rating BGO Live Casino T&C’s
6. Unibet Casino Review £200 4 star rating Unibet Live Casino T&C’s
7. 888 Casino Review £300 4 star rating 888 Live Casino T&C’s
8. £300 4 star rating Codeta Live Casino T&C’s
9. £1,000 4 star rating Genting Live Casino T&C’s
10. £100 5 star rating Royal Panda Live T&C’s
11. £200 T&C’s
12. £600 T&C’s
13. £300 T&C’s
14. £150 T&C’s
15. £1,000 T&C’s
17. Stan-James-Logo 90 £200 T&C’s
18. £200 T&C’s
19. £200 T&C’s
20. Hippodrome Logo 90 £250 T&C’s
21. Mr Green Review £100 T&C’s
22. £150 T&C’s
23. £150 T&C’s
24. £200 T&C’s
25. £100 T&C’s
26. £555 T&C’s
27. Miami Dice Live Casino logo 90x45 £2,500 T&C’s
28. $500 T&C’s
29. £100 T&C’s
30. £100 T&C’s
31. Spinson-Casino-logo 90 T&C’s
32. £500 T&C’s
33. £500 4 star rating Casino Room Live Casino T&C’s

Live Casinos Online is all for and by players. We are bringing you the latest live games, the best casinos and the biggest deals. Live Casinos always give away a bonus to attract players to the casino in the hope that they will continue to play live casino games. And so we always look for the best for you!

History of Live Casino

live casinoWith the creation and integration of the internet around 20 years ago, many online casino companies recognised the possibility of combining the physical activity of actually going to the casino with the current common activity of surfing the net. So why not make combine the best of both worlds? Back then the idea was that if we can realise the popular Roulette, Blackjack, Craps and Holdem played at the casino’s of Las Vegas in a home environment, it would be fantastic. What if we could introduce a remote casino, with a real time connection where live dealers magically appear on your screen?

The Live Casino was born. Many new companies were established and were developing in Malta and Latvia, where employment was, and is, cheap. Hundreds of beautiful ladies and distinguished men got offered jobs as webcam dealer. Just like a real casino, standing right behind the play table, play by the same rules, only their face now turned to the mass public but on a series of webcams. Those webcams have a live connection to thousands, if not tens of thousands of players, logged in at home or on their mobile device and placing bets online on a live Roulette, Blackjack or Craps table.

Whilst early casino experiences were basic compared to the traditional casino experience, the fast development of technology made that in no time the players had the same experience. Whether they were in a online live casino or going to a real casino. Live streaming enables the experience of Live Casino games on the internet. Players can actually see everything in the online live casino’s: real dealers, real cards, real tables, real rules, real payments.

The latest trend in gambling is Casino TV.  This is only available in regulated markets, such as the UK market and thus available for UK players. Players can still place their bets from the comfort of their own home, but instead of playing on a laptop or computer, the casino games will be performed on TV. The most popular casino games can be played on Live Casino TV, including Roulette, Blackjack and Baccarat.

Playing Live Casino in the UK

It is possible in The UK to play live internet casino on your tablet, laptop or desktop and there is actually not a whole that you really need. Why go to the casino or wait for a TV program to start when you can decide on you own when you want to play, in the bus, on the train, at home on the sofa or sneaky on the toilet. You can play Live Casino anywhere and whenever you want as long as you have an internet connection. And if you like large screens, you can simply connect your laptop, mobile or pc via a streaming service or HDMI to your screen.

There is not much to complain about for you UK-players anyway. Live dealers of real UK casino’s or top casino sites such as Super Lenny, All British Casino, Shadow Bet, Mr. Smith or most other casino’s for that matter, speak strong English. Some though speak more broken English.

UK Live dealers through webcams at online casino’s

Nowadays most (UK) casino’s are fitted with a beautiful national live dealer organisation. Tens of employees from the UK who live in Malta or Latvia check in at the (UK) internet casino’s to shuffle the cards live through a real time webcam connection to tens of thousands of UK-players at home.


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Top 10 UK Live Casinos

Casino Bonus Visit T&C’s Apply
the-grand-ivy-logo-90x £1,500 T&C’s
£1,500 T&C’s
£100 T&C’s
£100 T&C’s
£1,000 T&C’s
£5 T&C’s
Unibet Casino Review £200 T&C’s
888 Casino Review £300 T&C’s
£300 T&C’s
£1,000 T&C’s
£500 T&C’s

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